Monday, 23 May 2016

Bed Hero Perfume

Bed Hero Perfume (USA)

BED HERO PERFUME pheromone for women is the strongest, most rediculously horny over-sexed phero blend for attracting men ever concocted. This formula will give people whiplash when you walk past, and leave them drooling with lustful yearnings in your wake. This combination of pheromones creates a human version of “in heat” which can be detected by males metres away. It will give you a youthful, healthy and ready for sex aura. It will also give you sensual appeal, and encourages people to treat you with gentle kindness you deserve.

Bed Hero Perfume can be worn anytime you want respect from men, and to be thought of as a sex goddess. Whether that’s at a bar, at work, or at home to seduce your husband. You will have lots of fun wearing this.

Reviews of our customers

"Im absolutly amazed at your Bed Hero Cologne product, the first time I wore it, I slept with the hottest chick ive ever seen. I couldnt believe it."

"Ive got my husband interested in sex again, he still doesnt know why, its my little secret." 

"I work as a waitress, the nights I wear Bed Hero Perfume pheromones, my tips nearly double. Also I get lots more complements, and the boss is going to give me a pay raise later this month" 

"I was finally able to sleep with this chick whom Ive been working with for the past 6 months, who never used to give me the time of day. This Ive been trying for 5 months, and all I needed to do was wear Bed Hero Cologne." 

"Im 52 and since I am wearing Bed Hero Cologne, I am constently having sex with women much younger than me 25 - 35. Infact last week I had a 18 year old. Luckely I had some NiagraX (natural erection booster), because I certinally wanted to please her all night long." 

Active ingredients:
Estratetraenol , androstenone, copulins.

Suggested dose:
1 - 2 sprays on clothes or skin.

Pheromone content:
1000 mcg (6.25mcg per spray).

Bottle size: 20ml.


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