Sunday, 22 May 2016

Vimax Spray

Cepat Pancut??
Isteri Tak Puas??
Nak Tahan Lebih Lama??
Mendayung Lebih Lama??
Daptkan produk "Tahan Lama" "Tahan Pancut" dari Kami Sekarang.

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Vimax Delay Spray

What Is the main reason for the occurrence of premature ejaculation?

Extreme sensitivity of the head of your penis that causes ejaculation mechanism in your body produces CRAMPS. 

These spasms cause extreme desire for the fountain. At this unstoppable shot again. Too extreme desire that no book, video, technique or exercise that can stop him. 
Arousal is too high due to the sex glands are overactive. Hormones control to all parts of your sexual - from infatuation through to ejaculation. 

When you feel sensual, sexual gland hormone will pump quickly to your bloodstream. Premature ejaculation occurs when your sex hormone levels become too high. 

Your hormones are out of balance and you will NOT be able to control your ejaculation. So what is the solution ???

is approved by leading health authorities around the world and are licensed for sale without requiring a prescription. It is non-toxic, odorless and ozone friendly, and can be used with latex condoms designer.

1) Spray 2-3 times or more (not to exceed 8 times spray) on the head and shaft of the penis.
2) Wash your penis before sex

For external use only
How to use the spray VIMAX pay DELAY
Spraying in the head and shaft of the penis, between 15 and 20 minutes before intercourse.


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