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Detox Vimax

Sudah banyak perkara dibuat tapi berat badan tidak turun-turunkan juga.Berat badan kekal dan bertambah.Diet dah buat,makan segala pil dan makanan kesihatan tetapi masih tidak turun juga.

Jika ini perkara ini terjadi pada anda.Kemungkinan besar badan anda kebanjiran toksin dan juga metabolisme badan sungguh lemah. Tambahan pula gaya hidup yang tidak aktif dan makan tidak tentu masa menyebabkan berat badan bertambah.

Kini ramai yang telah berjaya mengatasi masalah ini dengan vimax detox. Apakah itu vimad detox?

Mari baca penerangan dibawah

Most often there are new therapies to detoxify the body, such is the case of colon cleanse. Colon cleansing diet is a technique that has become quite popular. However, to determine whether it is appropriate for you, you need to know their properties and contraindications to cleanse the body.

Vimax Detox provides a detox therapy that eliminates toxins from the gut, before they wander into the bloodstream, avoiding the appearance of different diseases, such as:
  • Obesity and overweight
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Hypertriglyceridemia
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Colon cancer, among others.

Vimax Detox formula consists of a preparation based on various medicinal herbs such as rhubarb root, senna leaves, psyllium, and ginger root, among others.

This combination of herbs acts on the gut showing the following properties:
  • Purifies the intestines, making the body eliminate toxins.
  • Reduces inflammation of the intestine, cutting off excess gases.
  • Improves bowel motility, increasing the number of depositions.
  • Aids digestion, improving metabolism and increasing stomach.
  • Relax your stomach.
  • Acts on the intestinal mucosa smoothly and efficiently.

Do not wait any longer to start the treatment provided by Vimax Detox. Vimax Detox is designed to gently clean your system and maintain your body happy and healthy. A gentle cleanse means that you do not experience a large amount of waste, instead works to re-vitalize your colon and body and allow your body to properly process foods and built up waste.


Psyllium Husk
The Psyllium (Seed husks) is a species of herbaceous flowering plant native of central and southern Europe where it grows in sandy and uncultivated land. It contains mucilage that contact the water increases the volume to four times, so it is an excellent laxative, which acts as a lubricant that allows the sliding of the fecal material.

Ginger Root
It grows in all tropical regions of the world. The more expensive varieties and higher quality generally come from Australia, India and Jamaica, while the most commercially grown in China and Peru. It is used as a gastrointestinal stimulant, tonic, and expectorant, among others. It is stimulating the central nervous system and autonomic nervous system. It contains antioxidants.

Rhubarb Root
Rhubarb is a plant cultivated from Southeast Europe (Ukraine). Its height is up to three meters and consists of thick piccolos leaves (usually) between 2 and 5 centimeters thick. The color of the petiole varies between green and red and is the only edible part, because its leaves are toxic. Its underground stem is a rhizome that serves to store nutrients during the winter.

Apple Fibber
The apple is rich in pectin, sugars and vitamin C. It also has medicinal properties, being very gentle laxative to help in some intestinal disorders. Fermented apple used to make alcoholic beverages such as cider or Calvados French.


Thanks to Vimax Detox I feel 100% better each day and now I have bowel movements every day! I take 5 capsules two times per week to maintain the smooth functioning of my digestive system. Now when you go on vacation, I have to worry about feeling miserable, just took me some capsules. No more feeling of walking in circles as if I had six months pregnant and unable to breathe! This product is good!
James, Denver

I used to feel weak; my legs felt heavy and had no strength. I used Vimax Detox for a week and my energy level exploded. I feel the spurts of energy. This product really works!
Derek, Oregon

I couldn’t have a quick and active disposal of my system. I was close to having 10-15 pounds over my ideal weight. But I was amazed at the health benefits offered by Vimax Detox, besides the fact that I have lost the excess of weight I feel with much more energy for my daily activities. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to start feeling better after seven days.
Bob, New Jersey


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